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Much the Wiser?

NHS England has, they tell us, a Learning from Complaints Strategy. They are now publishing statistics on their management of user contacts - a development we certainly welcome. What do we learn from the Quarter 12014/15  results? The complaint cause data are … [Read More...]

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PHSO – Solution or part of Poisonous Problem?

"Final and fatal mix of that toxic culture" - strong words from the Patients Association alleging that a 'toxic culture'  - a phrase first used by the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman herself  about  NHS complaint handling - is now being applied to the … [Read More...]

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Your story – Whose story?

It was the title of the PIF event that intrigued me – Patients as Creators of Health Information. Can patients or service users truly create their own stories or can these stories only emerge into the world if they have been prepared and polished by … [Read More...]