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Still banking the biodata

My favourite speech therapist has all sorts of handy tests to see if you are losing it or going do(o)lally as ancient slang would have it. Btw that is a toponym - the phrase originates in a hill station in India called Deolali where sahibs were sent either if … [Read More...]


Tits Up for Tesco?

The Nuneaton branch of Tesco's was in trouble and Persil and our other products were not getting the visibility or the sales they deserved. The Lever Midland sales manager called me in as the rep servicing that branch. 'What to do? Perhaps I could go in at … [Read More...]


Patients United – The Networking Opportunity

The patient group at your GP surgery - why have you not joined? - is often unsung and undervalued. Their interests naturally enough start with the concerns at the surgery and as often as the conditions that have taken them to the surgery in the first place but … [Read More...]