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Watchdog slams NHS 'toxic cocktail'

Complaints Chat

Chatting with Roy is a competitive business as Dame Julie Mellor DBE the Health Services Ombudsman found out on Wednesday - Mr Lilley has strong views on most things and making sure that his guest on the Lilley chatshow understands his (Lilley's) take on stuff … [Read More...]

val's blog picture customer service

When is a consumer not a consumer?

When he or she is a patient apparently. Have we really not moved on from this false distinction? The discussion is an old one and I am still astonished by the resistance to the consumer movement which has after all been with us for 50 years. Consumers do of … [Read More...]


Screaming in Space

We have all been there.  You enthusiastically sign a petition or express an interest in an issue which is dear to your heart only to be inundated a few weeks later with requests to sign up to campaigns that either do not interest you at all or with which you … [Read More...]