“Starting Up and Stepping Out” for NHS Start-ups

We are collaborating with Cordis Bright Consulting to offer a totally timely half-day seminar for NHS Managers thinking about a social enterprise start-up future for themselves.  “Starting Up and Stepping Out” goes beyond vision to look at practical business strategy for survival outside the public services bubble.  At only £95 per head for a full half day plus lunch, this is a best value investment that helps put you in charge of your future.  And if you aren’t satisfied with the learning on offer, get your money back without quibble!  What better offer could there be for the present age of uncertainty?

Places are filling up for the event on Thursday 2nd December from 09h00 to 12h30 in North London, so sign up to attend through the Cordis Bright website link without delay. Be one of the select 25 NHS managers to have this unique experience.  It could change the rest of your life!

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