MAC Updates Commissioning Briefing on Engagement

We have updated our briefing for GP consortium commissioners on discharging the duty of patient and public engagement.  This reflects the statements made by Mr Lansley in the Next Steps and Legislative Framework announcement of mid-December, in advance of the publication of the Health and Social Care Bill expected on Wednesday 19th January.  We will be commenting on the Bill once it is introduced into Parliament.

Grass roots changes matter most

The most important changes the Government wants to see happen with the establishment of GP-led consortia commissioning are at the grass roots of the NHS.  Primary care is where most people access most of their services most often.  This is where patients are closest to the action, take the most interest in service development and can potentially have the most influence if they act in partnership with clinicians.   It’s where they and primary care clinicians should share the power and the decision making.

MAC’s vision for engaged patients and citizens

We want to help relieve consortia from the burden of deferential, grumbling, ill-informed and “done to” patients  and a disengaged community by helping create a new asset: patients as active citizens working in partnership with clinicians and managers, sharing decisions about their individual care and collectively helping think about how to make commissioning successful at meeting needs, addressing inequalities and promoting health.   And doing that in ways that make better use of scarce public resources and empower individuals and groups to take more responsibility for their own health.  You can call that Big Society if you want to; it just seems like common sense to us.

The Moore Adamson Craig Partnership supports user and public participation,  trains lay representatives and develops responsive  health, care and education organisations.  We are ready to work with and support all those who want to make sense and a success of the new structures of patient and public engagement within the new arrangements for health and social care commissioning and providing.  Feel free to contact us to discuss the opportunities.

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