Patient leaders belong at the top

Patient leaders should be at the top of healthcare organisations along with clinical and management leaders. So says nursing leader Lynn Young, who knows a thing or two about healthcare as she was the Royal College of Nursing primary care adviser from 1991 to April 2012.  She calls this progressive approach “4 at the top”: patient leaders plus chief executive, nursing and medical directors.

We hear a lot about the value of the “3 at the top” of the organisation being joined at the hip. While the talent and relentless enthusiasm of the chief executive, medical and nursing directors are crucial to the success of the organisation, just reflect for a moment or two on the impact that patient leaders would have if they were equally joined at the hip.  So what we really need is “4 at the top” of the organisation if it is going to make progress.

You can download Lynn’s comments about why nursing leaders need patient leaders here.   We fully endorse her conclusion that “It is time for nurses to have the confidence to embrace strong partnerships with patient leaders.  This is the way ahead in modern times for the nursing profession to seize the day and strive to champion excellence through  patient experience led care.”  

The Moore Adamson Craig Partnership supports user and public participation,  trains lay representatives and develops responsive  health, care and education organisations.  We are ready to work with and support all those who want to make sense and a success of the new structures of patient and public engagement within the new arrangements for health and social care commissioning and providing.  Feel free to contact us to discuss the opportunities.


  1. Jed Hall says

    Who are these ‘patient leaders’? I never voted for them.

    By what mechanism do they understand the views of all patients and how are they accountable?

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