Get More Engagement SMARTs

Now you can get even smarter about engagement by reading three new titles published this week in the Smart Guides to Engagement series from DH and NHS Networks.  That brings the series up to 10 titles.   The latest additions include

Building public support for change by Tim Gilling of Centre for Public Scrutiny 

Using social media to engage, listen and learn by Caroline White of Primary Care Commissioning

Working with local authority scrutiny by Tim Gilling of Centre for Public Scrutiny 

Roy Lilley, who knows a thing or three about good communication, said on that the Get Smart about Engagement titles were “excellent”.  I think he will concur about the quality and relevance – and welcome brevity –  of these latest titles as well.

David Gilbert, my co-editor for the series, and I  thank these contributors and everyone involved for helping us get this whole series up and running in time to be used by the new commissioners in CCGs, emerging Health and Wellbeing Boards, Local Healthwatch pathfinders and everyone in health and social care who needs straight-forward, practical help to get smarter about engagement with service users, carers, the public and local communities.

The Smart Guides are designed to work as downloadable PDFs, but you can order hard copies by contacting Maria Axford at NHS Networks at this address:





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