Recommend the Recommend

metricsI think the latest GP profiles published by Public Health England  provides good and helpful data about my GP surgery . They got a recommend score of 86% which is not bad – 4% above the CCG average – but not excellent given there are 19 practices above them including one down the road. Two very different practices with mine being the shopfront cramped premises version and the local rival – large purpose built premises on two bus routes but nowhere much to park. I don’t know staffing levels. The scores that let my surgery down echo my real life experience of difficulty of access whether by phone or a same day appointment. But nice people when you manage to get in and see them and the admin seems to stay on top of the routines eg flu jabs and NHS health checks which may drive the recommend judgement which otherwise seems high in relation to the specific elements around access.

But the data is only as good as what the surgery does with it – the data gives clear indications of where they are lagging behind. New premises might be the answer but where to find something so handy as the little shopping parade where they currently live.

What am I going to do with this information? Decisions, decisions – first my utility company, then my bank then the GP practice? Is it all too much?







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