About M-A-C

Caroline Millar, Colin Adamson and Andrew Craig are here to help you engage more productively both with your staff and the people they serve. Everyone is telling you ‘Put the service user at the heart of everything you do’ – easier said than done. No matter how much advice you read or new things you try, it does not seem to get any easier. Working with us will increase your chances of understanding what has to be done, doing it well and bolstering your organisation’s intelligence and resilience.

MAC Final grp photo

 From left-right, the MAC partners are Colin Adamson , Caroline Millar, and Andrew Craig.

Wide ranging experience

Our experience in the health sector is wide-ranging including advising central government, Primary Care Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, individual GP practices and Practice on treating the service user as an asset demonstrating the value of patient involvement, customer responsiveness and complaint handling.
We have also supported community engagement groups including Community Health Councils, Patient Forums, Local Involvement Networks (LINks), Healthwatch and Patient Participation Group Networks.

We don’t just watch from outside – all of us have experience of being members of service user groups – a Right to Manage leaseholders’ company, a Park user group, a GP patient participation group. We know what it means to succeed and understand your disappointment at things not working.

Commercial and Third Sector and Audits

We also work with commercial and Third Sector organisations – their Boards and staff – to understand better what those within the organisation feel about the way their organisation is managed and measured – evidence, for example, that a Regulator or grant-awarding body might look for to evaluate the strength of governance systems and management information.

Meet MAC

Make time for a meeting with MAC, follow us on Twitter @publicinvolve and on our website where we blog on the things that interest us and the community we work with.