Analysing and Advising

Analysing and advising – the top to bottom approach

When an organisation decides to put service users at the heart of its work, everyone – from the Board right through to front-line workers – needs to see this goal as being central to their work.

Valued and Engaged

But we know that effective user engagement only happens where all the people who work in the organisation – from top to bottom – feel valued and supported, have a sense of ownership and share a commitment to providing the highest quality of service to users at all times.

Creative Synthesis

We can support organisational change and development by systematically pulling together the views of Board members, managers, staff, users and other stakeholders. This could include analysing

  • the effectiveness and success of new initiatives/ re-organisations
  • the experience of having had a complaint resolved or not
  • how it feels to be a member of the Board or to be on the frontline

Making sense of the results

Drawing on online surveys we can help clients establish what people are thinking and how to make sense of their responses.   We can prepare detailed findings that combine numbers with comments and put forward recommendations for discussion at all levels of an organisation – Board, frontline and managers.

How we can help – our offer to you, your people and the Board

We can work with you and your Board to help you assess where you are now and where you want to be in the future.  Through our surveys and consultant support we can help you make your board the best it can be.  Find out more here.