Is your Board the best it can be?

Does your Board meet the needs of the organisation? When was the last time you tried to find out what others in the organisation think about their Board? Do Board members receive all the support they need?

If you are facing an inspection or a threat to your reputation, is your Board an asset or a risk? Do you feel you have more work to do to reassure regulators and inspectors that you are fit for purpose and properly accountable?

A key to keeping your Board in good health means regularly evaluating its role, performance and skills and keeping Board and management aligned with the key objectives of the organisation. Having a good understanding what you are doing and how you are doing it is essential good practice.  Getting the most out of Board members and creating a team that works well together are key challenges for most Boards. It means ensuring the board have the right blend of skills and when to refresh and renew the Board in response to change.

We can help you

The combination of talents and experience represented by the Surveylab and MAC alliance is based on three strong foundations:

  • a deep understanding of the needs of both customers and staff and how their views can help improve any organisation
  • technical expertise in identifying the right questions to ask to get to the core of any issue
  • knowledge and experience of the political and regulatory environment that your organisation inhabits.

Starting with a simple confidential on-line survey of Board members and senior staff, we will help you find out what it is like to be a member of your Board, what works and what does not and where change is needed. The findings will help you identify the key issues for the Board as a whole and for individual members.  We can analyse the results for you and present them to your Board or simply provide you with the findings in a clear and easily accessible online format. If you then decide you want more help, we offer a range of support services including Board development work, post survey action planning, help with managing change, and packages of training, development and mentoring for Board members and staff.

Running surveys for the Board, managers and the frontline

Our surveys comprise a set of core questions exploring

  • roles and responsibilities,
  • values and behaviours,
  • administration and processes, and
  • attitudes towards risk and innovation.

If you want to find out more about the dynamics within your Board, we can add a range of questions which explore the effectiveness of your Board as well as the performance of individual Board members and the relationships between the Board, the Executive, indeed between staff at all levels.  Our tools gather ideas, suggestions, concerns and challenges and feed them back to you in a way  that is most useful to you.

Our online survey tool is based on impeccable technical design and robust analytical and reporting software. It is easy to administer, uses a combination of structured questions and free text and can be tailored and branded for your organisation.  We can manage the process end-to-end or support you with those elements you choose to run yourself.  Responses are collated into an online report which is simple and easy to use.

Why MAC/Surveylab?

We  help organisations understand the way information and decisions flow, whether frontline staff feel connected and ‘heard’ by the Board or indeed whether perceptions at Board level match the realities as experienced by staff, managers and clients.  We can simulate the challenge that an outside body like a regulator will mount and show how survey data can be part of your robust response and a demonstration of excellence.

The Outputs

We help you identify

  • what you are doing very well
  •  identifying those pockets of dissatisfaction
  • whether there are Board members who feel powerless and disconnected from the realities of the organisation.

Just as the map is not the territory, the survey data are not the whole narrative. As consultants we are independent, a fresh pair of eyes that will use its expertise to put the outputs in context, paint the broader picture and navigate the rapids that may lie ahead.

Our team

Our team combines the strong understanding of how public sector and not-for-profit Boards work gained from MAC’s many years of consultancy work in this sector with Surveylab’s technical and strategic expertise. Both organisations work with executives and senior leaders on the issues which impact upon their effectiveness.  We offer a rich combination of Board development skills and expertise including research and analysis, training and workshops and one-to-one coaching and mentoring.  Our clients are drawn from many sectors including public, private and third age (for example, health, education, retail, legal, transport and hospitality)

Get in touch

Let us know when us the best time to contact you – we would welcome the opportunity to see where we can help you and to discuss any aspect of your Board and how we may be able to help.