What do users want?

The art of empathising with the needs and expectations of staff and users is at the heart of successful performance by organisations and people.

What do staff expect of their managers and boards?

Organisations can be very frightened of listening. The experience can be very disruptive of plans which have been painstakingly put together. True, you can ignore what you are hearing for a while and yes, maybe sometimes the consumer voice can fade away and the status quo lives on … for a bit.

As outsiders, we can listen and hear. We have no need to defend a position or indulge a preconception. And we listen in lots of different ways – one on one in person or over the phone, or in a small group or reading the freehand comments on a survey – views that broaden or escape all together the constraints of a structured question.

We have been privileged to share in confidence the experiences of many people – some of whom are in very challenging personal circumstances and it is a privilege to hear those stories and to use them to recommend change and improvement.

Relationship between staff and user satisfaction

Life inside organisations for those who work there can be equally hard. We have helped organisations achieve change and prepare themselves for inspection by developing surveys tailored to the environment where they work and the challenges they face whether they are Board members, senior managers or front-line customer facing staff. Who are their major stakeholders and what are the questions we should be posing to them as well.
So we ask the right questions of the right people and use what they say to improve the processes of service and governance. We use the latest in e-survey methodologies using our long-term partner Surveylab and present analyses and reports that all start in one place – listening.