Public Involvement

We are committed to helping people out in the transition to local Healthwatch.

The principal areas of activity are:

Recruitment and Capacity Building

The identification of network builders and participants and the creation of processes to bring organisations and individuals into the ambit of the local Healthwatch.

Learning, Development of Social Capital and Training

to bring together those who form the network and work with them to create a network that makes a difference. Many of the participants will have a considerable experience of the job of representing others to the powers that be.

E-communications and use of social media

The effectiveness of the new organisations will depend to a great degree on communication across many organisations and people. While the human element remains vital with face to face meetings an essential part of the work, new technology will bring together individuals and their contributions in a cost-effective and easy to use way. We will be working with suppliers and e-businesses to offer advice on how best to do this.

Policy and Research

will help establish both the field of action and assess impact and effectiveness amongst those with whom the local Healthwatch bodies will work to put over the user and patient point of view. A range of methodologies – including focus groups and web-based surveys – will be available to make use of and to provide a clear picture both of what they have to do and how well they have done it.