Policy Development

We offer four principal learning programmes

  1. Policy Governance® advice and implementation for profit and non-profit Boards
  2. Policy development, implementation and evaluation
  3. Governor induction and development for Foundation Trusts
  4. Management and representative development for PPI organisations and individuals

In addition, we can offer other subject-specific training such as complaint handling to both management and front line staff in an open learning environment, face to face or interactive training based on a CD-Rom or similar.

1. Policy Governance®

We are excited and proud to be able to work with and transform boards in non-profit and for-profit organisations by developing an approach to governance that will help Boards understand their role and contribution to effective and successful organisations.

More Details: Policy Governance®

2. Policy Development, Implementation and Evaluation

We can help you to implement policy by supporting the implementation and evaluation phases. We can write guidelines perhaps working with a reference group to test them out. We can advise on the best way to launch and promote the policy as well as devising the training plans and methods to support implementation. We have also devised appraisal schemes and the means of evaluating the impact of the policy

More Details: Policy Development, Implementation & Evaluation

3. A Governor Induction Programme for Foundation Trusts

The M-A-C Partnership offers a fully-managed induction programme for your new governors (you may be calling them something different). Our induction training package has a fixed price but can be tailored to your environment and the needs and wishes of your governors.

More Details: Governor Induction Programme

4. Developing the Policy Package: Guidelines, Training & Appraisal

We have responded to client requests to develop training materials based on our knowledge of policy and process in the particular areas. This training can be face to face or open learning programmes using print or screen-based methodologies as the client requests.

More Details: Guidelines, Training & Appraisal